Frequently Asked Questions

What is blockchain?
Blockchain is the technology cryptocurrencies are based on. It is in fact an enormous transactions book, put a public one. It doesn’t require any central server, government or bank, because it is operated and stored by the community on tens of thousands of computers all around the world. Hence the term distributed ledger. Cryptography makes this ledger irreversible, thus perfect for all data that might otherwise be fraudulent. Because of its transparency and decentralization blockchain is considered a philosophy that will change the world. No wonder it is considered the biggest revolution after the invention of the internet.

What does blockchain do in the Hotelium project?
In our ecosystem, blockchain powers Hotelium token, our own cryptocurrency, and serves as a transparent ledger, with smart contracts effectively taking care of the dividends. With this technology, one can be 100% sure to receive profit and loyalty rewards as they are written into a smart contract and distributed automatically according to schedule.

How can you be sure that the value of the Hotelium coin will increase?
We are not. But we have set up the ecosystem in such a way that demand is greater than supply, which is the basis for value growth. This means restrictions on payments in terms of quantity and time, prevented trading in HTLs directly between members … Real estate generates euro income,
which is converted into HTLs at the exchange, which means constant demand and consequent growth.

Is the activity legal? Do you have an office in my country that represents a company?
The company is registered in the EU, in Sofia (Bulgaria), and because we operate exclusively with cryptocurrencies, regulations do not require representation in individual countries. There is no Hotelium present in countries that do not allow cryptocurrency trading.

What is the most important feature that sets you apart from other network marketing projects?
The main thing is definitely that our foundation is real estate business, which very clearly allows passive income. People come and go, causing conflicts with sponsors or creditors, but real estate properties retain and even increase their value.

How much of the investment is set aside for real estate?
For real estate, 50% of the gross investment is allocated, with all costs included that are or will be incurred in the process.

Why do you use a binary system?
Most MLM companies have used the binary bonus distribution system for the past 30 years because it is simply easier for members to make money, due to the possibility of spillover – enrolling members with a common branch.

Do you have an academy where newcomers can learn this business?
We have. Planet Academy has been the core business of the company since 2000. We have an academy on the website itself, a YouTube channel and webinars, as well as seminars with leaders and various professional guests.

When will the first property in my country be purchased? What will be its value?
It depends entirely on local leadership and the community. Funds for real estate are poured into the global budget and at the same time into the budget of an individual country or region. Once the set goal of the local community is met, the property is purchased.

How is real estate profit calculated?
We call income dividends. 10% of the value of the property is divided by the number of HTL Shares units in the system and the value of one dividend is obtained. Each May is awarded among the number of HTL Shares in the system for the previous year. HTL Shares B and HTL Held are treated as
shares that are active 365 days a year and HTL Shares A is charged on the number of days held in a year.

Are taxes paid on Hotelium profits?
So far, no country taxes the profits from cryptocurrencies. Income tax on real estate, in a local currency, is calculated before the calculation of dividends. Because you receive profits in cryptocurrency, it is not taxed. If the law in your country changes, you will have to pay tax.

What are HTL Shares A, what is HTL Shares B and what is HTL Shares Held?
HTL Shares A are units received by a member as half of the loyalty rewards every 30 days, or HTL tokens, which are transferred to HTL Shares A after the expiration of the package activity (loyalty period). Dividends are calculated from the moment they appear in the portfolio member until the end of the current year. HTL Shares A can be paid out 36 months after the day they appeared. HTL Shares B are units that a member receives as special rewards and incentives. Dividends are calculated on them for the whole year, regardless of the day when the member received them, and they cannot be paid. HTL Shares Held are units that a member receives as a 25% share of network rewards. These dividends are calculated for the whole year and can be paid after the end of the referral period of the project.

Why Hotelium is not a pyramid scheme?
The pyramid scheme by definition means that old members are paid only by the influx of new members. When fresh money stops coming in, the system collapses. At Hotelium, 50% of each payment is set aside for profit-making real estate. 25% is divided into rewards and on average 18% is returned to members in the form of loyalty rewards. 7% is the company’s profit.