Word from the Founder

Through the history of mankind, our needs have expanded. Now we strive not just to be fed and healthy, but to be free. Not from tangible shackles and ropes as in the old times, but from a new, much more sophisticated form of economic and financial slavery. My name is Vladimir Popović, and same as You (or as everybody else) I want to be free as long as I remember.

Modern slavery is voluntary and it is programmed in our brains from a young age. We are dependent on money and we sell freedom for money. Time for money! And why is that so? Because the ruling elite wants masses to be indebted, therefore less confident and more bound to the system. That is why the classical school system doesn’t teach us financial literacy. Despite our hard work, we may quickly find ourselves in a hopeless situation of debt, struggling for bare survival. Unfortunately, the pensions funds are mostly throwing dust in our eyes.

Planet Program was founded in 2000 with a single mission: to spread awareness of these rules, financial principles and pitfalls of money. In 2018, we went a step further. We added a practical solution to theoretical knowledge and launched the Hotelium Club, a project where an individual has the opportunity to take his financial stability into his own hands. Because everyone deserves financial independence.

Planet Academy as an integral part of the Planet Program is a source of theoretical knowledge that will help you reprogram your beliefs to your advantage. The Hotelium Club is a training ground where you can directly convert this knowledge into satisfying results. And the holy grail of these results is the financial independence which comes irrespective of your job, whether you are a top athlete or a pizza delivery guy. For that you need to become an investor, there is no other choice.

To create a portfolio with the regular income you must:

  1. Create a surplus of money to start investing with,
  2. Gain knowledge of how to invest,
  3. Develop discipline for the higher goal of financial independence.

The Planet Program Hotelium is the system that is tailored for this mission. With investing in touristic real estate around the world and with the help of blockchain technology, it serves the average person who has little chance to succeed in the investment world. You can start with €100 and add funds to your basic investment latter. The vision of the Hotelium Club is to develop a community of one million members worldwide and to build a global chain of tourist accommodations together.

Welcome on board, on your freedom vehicle,

Vladimir Popović