Aleksandar Radojević

As a teenager, I decided that entrepreneurship is my path and not a job from 9 to 5. After ten years of trying various ventures, I realized that something is missing. A system for success. Fortunately, in 2016, I discovered Planet Program and the benefits of network marketing. Since the launch of the Hotelium project in 2018, I have been playing an important role in community development.

My motto: help everyone who wants to fulfil their potential.”

The Diamond is just a stopover on the way to the top.

Biljana Radojević

“I studied chemistry and got a job at the post office where I stayed for ten years. Security, regular salary, pension … However, over time this was not enough. I have so much more potential. I travelled around Europe, working on myself. A whole world of new possibilities opened up. Happiness. Abundance. Success. I wanted it all!

I found a way to get out of the average in network marketing. When Vladimir Popovic, my mentor, launched the Hotelium project, I realized that it was the opportunity of my life. I quit my job and dedicated myself to the project earning my annual salary in just a few months. For the first time, I seriously began to see myself as a millionaire …”


“I never loose! Either I win or I learn!”


Community is crucial for the Hotelium Club, not only as the selling network but also as our properties’ guests. Our members are therefore continuously stimulated with bonuses and recognitions for each achievement. We applaud the best of them!


Network marketing is you selling products to people who in turn sell to other people who sell to other people … This network of people constitute your ‘downline,’ and their sales generate income for you. More people you bring on board, the better your income potential. Network marketing is a real opportunity for a normal person to create above average wealth.

To educate new members we are hosting webinars where experienced leaders address topics of referral business: who to enroll, how to present the idea, how to complete the sale, etc. Special guests who share their expertise in sales, finance, real estate, blockchain or personal growth are also invited. Check our Network Corner regularly for announcements.

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