A Dream

It all starts there, with your dreams. Motives, reasons, burning desire are the seeds from which power and actions spring. This willingness to do something sets us apart from the average. That is why we are willing to give up on some pleasures, create new habits and get up when life beats us down. 

It’s the reason we will forgive the unforgiven, we will learn the unteachable, we will keep silent when wanted to speak, we will speak when wanted to be silent, we will laugh when wanted to cry … Because of a goal to achieve something we don’t sleep at night and still wake up excited. When we walk down the street it seems to us that we have something that others do not have, something that separates us from the matrix.

Our dreams make friends tell us we are obsessed. But no one has done anything great without being obsessed with his objectives. Thank you, friends! When dreams are born, they must be nourished and protected from internal and external saboteurs … WITH ATTITUDE! Because they are my brainchild and we don’t play with our child’s safety. We do EVERYTHING that it survives and develops. 

Dreams are bigger than the Ego, they do not allow the Ego to threaten them. Dreams are free, no one can take them away from us if we do not allow it. Write down your dreams, make a dream book and dream board, share these dreams with partners who respect and care about them. 

The Planet Program helps us with seminars, webinars, books and CDs to discover our dreams, make us aware if we have been in the matrix too long and we buried the desires too deep and we cannot see them clearly…

The system helps our partners discover and revive their dreams. When we change, our dreams change, when we grow, our dreams grow. What drives us today doesn’t necessarily mean tomorrow … Just because we don’t dare dream today doesn’t mean we won’t dream tomorrow …

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