About POOL Status

As you know, POOL is a privileged status for Hotelium members with larger packages, who, in addition to regular bonuses, also receive an additional share from the company’s turnover. Three times 1% of the traffic is distributed every 8 weeks among all qualified members of a certain POOL and those in the higher one also receive a share from the lower one. This status was initially intended for early bird members, but we decided to extend enrollment until April 20, 2022.

There are three ways to qualify for the status: 

1. Purchase of a package of 2000 (POOL) or 5000 (POOL Plus).

2. Own package of 500 and a minimum of 10 direct, which together with accumulated € 5,000 (POOL) or € 10,000 (POOL Plus). 

3. FOUNDER status can only be achieved by purchasing 10000 packages.

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