First property on the horizon

Everything is ready. At the beginning of the year, we will announce where we will be buying our first real estate property together! And so we can step on the gas and start the next phase in our ecosystem.

With the new business year, more precisely from December 29, the announced 50% of all invested funds will begin to be withdrawn to the real estate fund. This will significantly accelerate the construction of the Hotelium Club’s backbone and bring us closer to the goal of buying a new property every year.

When the member activates his package, he will receive a loyalty reward for all 100% of the investment for the first 12 months. After the end of the loyalty program, HTLs from the package will move for the next 36 months to HTL Shares A and receive dividends from that day on. We will write everything about dividends in a separate article.

After the expiration of 36 months, the member will have the opportunity to sell his HTL Shares to the company for the same value that he paid when activating the package; the current value of HTL will not be taken into account, but the value of the investment. The actual value of the investment will be taken into account for the member and the value of the packages activated with the same HTL that were released from the previous package will not be added.

Otherwise, if the member does not request payment of the principal within 60 days of the expiration of 36 months, HTL Shares A will automatically convert into HTL Shares B and remain on the platform and serve dividends to their owner for life.

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