New Business Year Promotion

Since our business year starts on September 1st, we’ve launched two promotions between 30 September and 6 October 2023 to assist our leaders in a strong start to the new period. 

For all activated and upgraded packages and instalments of the Hotelium Freedom program paid during the promotional period, we will grant an additional 10% in promotional HTL Shares A.

Recognising the importance of demand for the liquidity and growth of the HTL token, we have decided to add another 10% for all deposits in BTC/LTC/USDT or via bank transfer.

As a reminder, promotional HTL Shares A are HTL tokens granted to members for a period of 36 months, after which they are removed. During this time, they naturally earn dividends.

We are delighted to provide our members with regular promotions that accelerate their growth and success.

Once again, wishing you a successful new business Year!

Hotelium Marketing Team

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