Our Eyes are Set to the Island of Itaparica

Like explorer Amerigo Vespucci half a millennium ago, by coincidence Hotelium Club stumbled upon Itaparica, the largest island in Brazil. It is an exotic place, full of exuberant tropical vegetation, and has 40 kilometres of sand beaches. It lies near the four million, overpopulated city Salvador, but so far the island itself is not really thriving. The reason is the ferry boat being the only connection between the city and Itaparica. However, things are about to change, because the government and Chinese contractors are constructing a 12-kilometre bridge from Salvador. This will make Itaparica much more lucrative for living and as a tourist destination, and real estate prices will skyrocket. Our experts, aware of the value bridge will bring, therefore searched and found a wonderful property, owned by coincidence by a fellow Slovenian.

We are talking about a well-maintained estate literally by the beach with an area of 10.500 square meters and three buildings. There are eight fully equipped apartments, two additional rooms with an ensuite bathroom, together with a pool and all the amenities a guest needs. The potential of the property, which is valued at least 550.000 euros, is huge, much bigger than demonstrated at the moment. In addition, the owner is willing to sell it for 490.000 euro. We managed to sign a pre-contract in the end of February, with an intention to buy a major share, thus getting the first Hotelium property! We already came up with a name for the accommodation: A Preimera Casa!

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