Club News: Hotelium Freedom Program

In June, we have introduced a new investment program called Freedom. This program allows members to accumulate significant capital over two years by making small monthly payments. Warren Buffett once stated that those who save a higher percentage will become rich faster than those who save a larger amount. It’s all about mindset.

First, you choose €50, €100, or €200 per month. The monthly instalment is paid every 30 days within a 5-day time frame. If you miss this interval, the days of delay accumulate, with a maximum allowance of 60 days. If you accumulate more than 60 days of delay, the program is terminated, and your investment is converted into a regular package. The same happens if you decide to cancel the program for personal reasons. There are no penalties.

Throughout the program, the loyalty runs continuously (based on the standard package table), and whenever you reach a breakthrough amount, your loyalty rewards will increase as well. At the end of the 2-year program, for the following 12 months, you will receive loyalty rewards according to the package you managed to accumulate. During the loyalty program, just like with regular packages, you can upgrade and request a buyback after the 36-month.

For more details, please watch the training video on our YouTube channel.

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