Countdown to the first Hotelium property

Tourism is the largest world industry and it is constantly growing, due to the effect of globalization and countries opening up. In the last twenty years, the number of international travellers has more than doubled. The same indicators apply to the hotels and other accommodation businesses. Such growth makes the sector more and more interesting in the eyes of general investors. It is a well-known fact that touristic properties have a considerably higher return on investment than a regular real estate.

The biggest potential lies in the so-called emerging tourist markets because land prices there are much more lucrative than in well-established destinations. Asia, Africa and South America have so much to offer with its many not yet developed, but very exotic areas. For that reason, we are aiming at those countries where tourism and developing infrastructure is going to drive prices high very soon. Our experts are watching many possible exotic locations and we are going to reveal the first Hotelium investment very soon. 

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