The Freedom Program FAQ

In a few words, what is the Hotelium Freedom Program?

The Freedom Program is a savings program that allows everyone to achieve Pool status through small monthly contributions over two years, while continuously receiving loyalty rewards. Additionally, participants benefit from the project’s incentive, as they receive a gift amount equal to one installment in their portfolio after every ten installments.

How was the idea for this program born?

The fundamental mission of the Planet Program is the financial education of our members. The Hotelium Freedom Program is the best way to transform discipline-bound practical knowledge and approaches into a profitable portfolio. As the name suggests, members secure a degree of financial freedom through this program.

What is the expected return?

Unlike standard one-year packages, the Freedom Program lasts for 24 months, ensuring that members receive loyalty rewards for a longer period, leading to higher returns than the purchased package.

Example: if you activate the classic Pool Plus package, you receive a 22% loyalty reward over 12 months. On the other hand, if you activate the Premium Freedom Program with a €200 investment, you invest almost €5,000 over 24 months and receive a 43% loyalty reward, plus an increase in the value of the HTL token.

How can one participate in the program?

Register for free to become a member of the Hotelium Club and choose a suitable program: €50 per month, €100 per month, or €200 per month. The process is the same as with traditional packages: deposit in the chosen currency and activation.

What are the payment methods?

The same payment methods apply to the Freedom Program as to traditional packages, namely: HTL, BTC, LTC, USDT, and bank transfer.

How are the installments paid?

Once a member activates the Freedom Program, it appears in the “My Freedom Program” section. The date of the next installment is visible there, always 30 days from the last payment. The member has a 5-day window to make the payment.

What happens if an installment is missed?

If a member does not make the payment within five days, a countdown of 60 days of permissible total delay within 24 months begins. In other words, a member can skip two installments entirely and still successfully complete the program. Exceeding the 60-day limit automatically converts the program into a classic package with the accumulated value and associated loyalty program for the next 12 months.

When is the program finished?

The Freedom Program successfully concludes after 24 months of regular payments. The investment is then transformed into a package of its value with all the rules and upgrade options. Loyalty rewards continue for the next 12 months, after which the portfolio transforms into HTL Shares A. The member receives dividends for the following three years. After 36 months, the member has the right to sell HTL Shares A to the company at the base value in euros.

Can an installment be increased?

To successfully complete the program, a member must make regular payments of at least the initial amount. However, for each installment, a higher amount, up to €200, can be paid.

What is the loyalty reward for the Freedom Program?

The same loyalty tiers apply to the Freedom Program as to regular packages. For example, a member with €300 collected in the program receives the same reward as the Starter package, which is 10%. When the portfolio surpasses the next level, the loyalty reward automatically increases as well.

Is it possible to terminate the program and request a payout?

Early withdrawal from the Freedom Program has the same conditions as regular packages: at a guaranteed repurchase price.

Is a member of the Freedom Program entitled to a Hotelium voucher?

No, the Freedom Program is not eligible for vouchers.

What happens if there are changes in the loyalty rewards?

The rules in place on the day of activation always apply. If a member activates the program the day before a potential change, the loyalty rewards and other benefits will not change.

Can the investment be upgraded after the program concludes?

Since the portfolio is treated the same as a package, it can certainly be upgraded to the next level.

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