Freedom Portfolio – Hotelium’s Holy Grail

You are familiar with the saying that money should work for you, not the other way around, right? This principle revolves around passive income, the kind of income that comes on its own. The best example of passive income is bank interest, but as we know, keeping your wealth in the bank doesn’t preserve it, let alone grow it. Therefore, it is necessary to think outside the conventional framework.

Hotelium’s response to the quest for ultimate financial freedom comes in the form of HTL Shares B, which offer dividends. HTL Shares are cumulated in the newest and essential component, the so-called Freedom Portfolio, which serves as a significant source of passive income. With the Freedom Portfolio, anyone can secure financial independence and the desired lifestyle.

HTL Shares B originate from network rewards (25%), as a reward for reaching career ranks and when deciding to convert HTL Shares A from the package into HTL Shares B after completing the Loyalty program. In the back office, you will notice that after completing the Loyalty program, you have the option to convert your HTL Shares A from the package into Shares B, enjoying an additional 10%.

Converting is definitely worthwhile because, unlike Shares A, which provide partial dividends from the day the Loyalty program concludes, Shares B bring whole dividends for the entire calendar year. To top it off, we are introducing an incentive reward scale in the Freedom Portfolio: for every achieved rank, a member receives bonus Shares B.

In summary, more HTL Shares B mean more dividends, for which you don’t have to do anything. In essence, the money works for you!

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