Fresh memories from the spring weekend

Hundred of Hotelium members from all over the former Yugoslavia got a strong impression last weekend. They spent Saturday and Sunday in the picturesque Bosnian Etno Selo Stanišići, where our regular spring seminar was successfully held. Good memories were certainly fueled by good weather, excellent company of like-minded people and proverbially good food there, but the essence was, of course, strong lectures and motivational speeches.

Traditionally, the event was opened by the founder of the Hotelium project, Vladimir Popović, who established a strong atmosphere with his unique energy. He was followed by the university professor Dean Rakić, explaining the global importance of blockchain, the same technology on which our ecosystem is based. According to him, this protocol has a bright future, and the same goes for the most famous application, cryptocurrencies. After the expert lesson, the guests were enchanted by the charismatic speaker and extraordinary marketer Zoran Gulin, a diamond from Amway. He shared his rich business experience in multilevel marketing through a series of interesting anecdotes and received a loud round of applause.

Of course, our successful leaders, including Biljana Radojević, Aleksandar Radojević and three new Platinums — Anita Merle, Dajana Tomić, Ivana Karakaš — also took the stage. These indispensable members of our network have each impressed us in their own way with their life stories and marketing tips. The common message of all was that nothing is impossible and that everyone can make a success story out of their life.

As with all powerful events, the weekend passed far too quickly. Therefore, we are already looking forward to the next seminar, which we announced for July 10, also in Stanišići. Tickets for the event are already on sale. No less, we are looking forward to the two VIP events on the horizon. In the summer, we will host successful marketers on the beautiful Serbian mountain Zlatibor, while the most diligent will be taken on an unforgettable trip to Dubai in early autumn… We sincerely hope to see you as many as possible. “Who is the best?”

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