Highlights from the Spring Weekend Seminar

The leaders and part of the team gathered in Stanišići on Friday, May 28., to prepare everything necessary for the seminar. On Saturday morning, the Planetarians started coming from all over, as delegations representing their countries: Croatia, Slovenia, Italy, Austria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia and Montenegro. Some came without, some with fast and some with PCR tests. There are no obstacles for determined people!

Founder Vladimir Popović traditionally opened the seminar and addressed 110 gathered members and established an atmosphere. The joy was triggered by the news about the paid dividend bonuses for the previous period. Instead of Professor Dean Rakić, who was stuck in Belgrade due to lost documents, Professor Nena Tomović gave an excellent lecture on blockchain. Sapphire leader Biljana Radojević concluded the first part with facts about Network Marketing as a billion-dollar industry and its potential and opportunities for all involved. Snježana Ristić, our member and licensed Life Coach, opened the hearts of the listeners and with her example gave faith that everyone can make a success story.

Outside the lecture halls, guests enjoyed the idyllic Etno Village, which was very lively due to the beautiful weather this weekend. Delicious food and good wine were plentiful. We presented awards to participants who have reached new levels since the February seminar, from Bronze members to Emerald leaders. As the Covid rules did not allow for an official party, our members organized themselves after the evening work and sang into the night with two guitars.

If the answers to the questions ‘what is Hotelium’ and ‘why is it worth doing the project’ were given on Saturday, on Sunday our special guest Dragiša Ristovski outlined ‘how to succeed in Hotelium’. Throughout the two lectures, he served with an abundance of tactics and strategies. Emerald Aleksandar Radojević also contributed his contribution through a picturesque demonstration about the game of numbers

The impressions of a fantastic weekend are still strong, but we already have the next, autumn seminar on the horizon, which will be in the same place, in the Etno Village Stanišići, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on October 2nd. Tickets are already on sale until June 6 at a reduced price of € 78! You can buy them with Hotelium tokens via our back office (tab Shop). We are counting and we wish there would be more of us next time! There will be no shortage of inspiration, motivation and amazing emotions! Let a couple of captured memories convince you:

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