Welcome to the Network Marketing Business Model

There are a few things you need to be aware of if you want to achieve results. The first is that there are no high earnings overnight. As with any achievement, it takes work, learning, developing new skills and a positive attitude. You need to be aware that you are independent and it is entirely up to you what are the goals, how much you will engage and how you will overcome the obstacles. You have partners who are willing to help you along the way, as your success is also theirs, and the various tools available to you to help you develop business.

You can use trainings, seminars and webinars offered by the company or organized by leaders of the Hotelium Club. There is also a YouTube channel and Planet Academy on your online office that offers plenty of recordings of experienced leaders. Books are an integral part of the personal growth as well and we feature a recommended program of titles of worldwide
known authorities. Certain tools and events are free and certain have a price, but are not mandatory.

We believe Planet Hotelium is a special project as it is innovative and offers solutions others don’t have. And these are:

  1. the product (service) we market brings a profit and is not a cost
  2. members are not obliged to buy a product / service again every month
  3. the product brings both short-term and long-term benefits
  4. even if you fail to build a large organization that generates large weekly revenues, you can build a stock portfolio over time that brings you nice passive income and financial independence.

For significant success in network marketing, three skills need to be developed: sales skill, recruitment skills and leadership skills.

You have the best possible experts at your disposal to develop these skills, either as our leaders or as special guests coming from other organizations and sharing their knowledge with our members.

Jump into the water. You have nothing to lose, but you can gain a lot. Namely, when you jump into the water, it is shallow and there is no danger of drowning. But it’s cold. Because you will be able to step from the comfort zone.

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