Hotelium edutainment meeting in Sarajevo

We are preparing a new gathering for the Balkan network, this time in the unique city of Sarajevo. It goes without saying we will enjoy Bosnian hospitality and pamper our taste buds. However, this will be an edutainment event. The word stands for education and entertainment, which means there will be time to party and time for training and team building.

The qualification conditions are significantly lower than for our VIP trips, as we want as many participants as possible. Because of this, we will be spoiled a little less, you have to organize your own transport, but food, accommodation, and entertainment are taken care of. As we expect a large number of members, the event will most likely take place twice, over two weekends in January.


  • September 24. until midnight December 23
  • activating (or upgrading to) a POOL package, OR
  • three new direct members with any package plus €4,000 of traffic in the weaker leg.

(If you have a qualified member under you, it is necessary to collect at least €2,000 of turnover outside of that member’s volume and, of course, 3 new direct members. Double is required for a couple: either a POOL PLUS package or 3 directs plus €8,000 of traffic in the weaker leg or €4,000 of traffic outside of a qualified member.)

See you in Baščaršija!

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