The Autumn seminar is closing in

Summer and with it another business year are behind us. The new fiscal year begins on September 1 and the best way to start is with a weekend seminar. This will take place in the established Etno Selo Stanišići near Bijeljina on November 5 and 6, with our old friend Ivan Kokeza as a guest speaker. M.Sc. & MBA Ivan is a consultant and lecturer in 20 different countries and the author of the SAIL leadership method. His motto in life is that the world needs more leaders.

At the event, of course, we will announce the progress of the Hotelium project and reward our most successful members, and there will be no shortage of good atmosphere or tasty food. We look forward to spending time together in Hotelium’s eagle’s nest. Don’t forget that we are organizing a VIP dinner in Bijeljina for the most productive leaders with guest Ivan Kokeza.

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