Excerpts from the Autumn seminar

Good seminars affect lives because they really change us. Last weekend will therefore be remembered by many of our members for a lifetime. In the idyllic Etno Selo Stanišići, an autumn weekend seminar took place with almost 100 people from all over the Balkan region. Intensive socializing, having fun, and learning in the picturesque village have led many to make decisions that will have a lasting impact on them as individuals and thus on the whole project. 

Such seminars have several purposes. Leaders meet other leaders and recharge their batteries for everyday confrontations with negativity in the everyday world. However, events are crucial for new people, as they get a bigger picture and make sure the project works. They also get to know the management of the company and other members who are actively building their future in the Hotelium. Above all, they answer the question of whether they are capable of success on their own.

We saw and celebrated the successes of many of our members, got information about the current and future impact of blockchain technology on the economy, business, and society, and saw why Vladimir Popović is truly one of the most influential Network leaders in this area. We are already looking forward to the spring weekend seminar, which will be at the same location on March 12 and 13, 2022. Until then, we all have to do a lot together and strive for even better results!

Whatever you do, your inner voice is key. Don’t be a victim! If you accept responsibility for both your own success and failure, you are in control! I don’t know a successful person who would be a victim at the same time, it just doesn’t go together. Whatever’s going on in your life: it is solely on you! Do you want people to feel sorry for you or do you want respect!

Vladimir Popović

The use of blockchain in all segments of life is no longer a matter of the future, it is here and now.

Prof. Dr. Dean Rakić

Although the emotions that were felt throughout the seminar cannot be described in words, we will still share some of the opinions of our members. I have been in the Hotel Project for about two months, and it was only at the seminar that I saw and understood all the possibilities that the project itself offers. What thrilled me the most were the people in the project, their stories, their energy. There I made the decision that I wanted to be actively involved in the Hotel project.

Milena Solar

At the seminar of the Planet Program that was just held, I received accurate and specific guidelines on how to make so called big business. I know I can, and here I got the answer HOW. That’s exactly what I was looking for. Respect!

Ivana Karakaš

For the first time, I hosted a program on stage with my wife Milica and it was an amazing experience. My 9-year-old son Filip was also present at the seminar and we have the opportunity to show him by example what true values ​​are. I am very happy that our CEO held the seminar and he reminded us all how great a leader he is. He gave us answers as to why and how to achieve the great goals we set before us. I can’t wait for the next seminar! Thanks again!

Arsić Predrag

Are there words to describe the experience from the seminar? There are, but I should write them down for two days, just as long as it lasts, because every second you are overwhelmed by emotions … That feeling of people who have the same desires as me, the feeling of being a part of a family that wants me to succeed, gives me wings. That powerful sense of strength and motivation keeps me going when I return home to fly. Only the sky is my limit. My heart is full and my head knows what to do … And every day I am grateful to all the people both above and below me … I love you all!

Tatijana Mitrić

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