Newsletter from the CEO

As the CEO, I want to share some information with you as we transition into the new year.

On 17 December, it will mark five years since our HTL token was publicly listed on one of the most stable crypto exchanges, Latoken. Starting at an initial price of 0.5 USD, despite brief declines during the COVID-19 chaos, the HTL has reached today’s value of approximately 4.10 USD, showing an incredible 700% growth over five years, especially considering that this growth has been constant and not turbulent!

Real Estate Sector

In the Real Estate Portfolio, there are no visible changes as the purchased land for the Glamping Center Diamond Club is still under development. However, the process of obtaining the necessary documentation is progressing smoothly, and we are confident that our glamping site will welcome its first guests next year. The good news is that our three villas in Gornji Gajevi have seen more bookings than last year, also thanks to Hotelium users.

Network Sector

In 2023, we hosted 3 weekend seminars for the Balkan region, each with a growing number of participants, indicating our continuous growth. Furthermore, we welcomed our first Diamonds, Biljano Radojević and Aleksandra Radojević, elevating the entire organization and opening doors for the next generation of Diamonds expected this year. Thirty-four new Platinums, seven new Sapphires, and three new Emeralds qualified. Congratulations to all leaders on their new ranks.

We announce that next year we will introduce 2 new ranks: Rubby and Black Diamond.

A New Chapter

When there was nothing tangible to show except for a vision, the company compensated for the high level of risk by paying high returns. After more than 5 years in the market and the results we have achieved together, our position in the market has changed significantly. Uncertainty is less present, and in a few years, the question of risk will be completely removed from the equation.

In this context, the Pre-launch period is concluding, marking the introduction of the final changes to Loyalty rewards until the sale of all HTL. The new Loyalty scale will come into effect on 30 December 2023, and at that time, the marketing plan with new terms will be published in the Planet Academy. Rewards will be paid out in USDT to HTL wallets, where the conversion will be executed directly through the blockchain. USDT received for Loyalty can be converted into Available HTL.

Freedom Program and Sellback

One of the most significant achievements this year is the launch of the monthly savings program, Hotelium Freedom, in May. You can find all the details about the program in our FAQ. At the moment, we already have more than two hundred active savers, indicating that our members have recognized the value of regular saving and accumulating HTL.

The next innovation is the Sellback feature, a guaranteed buyback of the principal investment, allowing our members to avoid the loss of invested funds due to a potential decline in the HTL token. After the 36-month dividend program period, the Sellback option becomes available. It converts HTL A from the package into USDT equivalent to the invested amount. Members can transfer these USDT to their HTL wallet according to the payout conditions (document on Planet Academy: Valid Payout And Withdrawal Limits).

If a member does not activate the Sellback feature within 90 days, HTL A will be converted to HTL B with an additional 5% HTL B. HTL B cannot be withdrawn from the platform and are eligible for the lifelong dividend program. HTL B will be included in the Hotelium Freedom Portfolio, where they will receive special rewards.

Freedom Portfolio

The Hotelium Freedom Portfolio is becoming a central element in our pursuit of financial independence or the creation of additional retirement income. This is where all HTL B accumulate. More of them means more dividends, hence an increase in our ultimate passive income. To incentivize portfolio growth, we have prepared some stimulating rewards:

  1. Every time a member converts any HTL to HTL Shares B, they receive an additional 10% HTL Shares B.

If a member converts HTL Shares A, which are in the dividend program, to HTL Shares B before the end of the 36-month dividend program, dividends will be calculated for the entire current year and not from the day they completed the Loyalty program. Additionally, 10% HTL Shares B will be added to the Freedom Portfolio.

  1. When HTL Shares A automatically convert to HTL Shares B 90 days after the end of the dividend program, the member receives an additional 5% HTL Shares B.
  2. A special reward scale will be published, outlining rewards for each achieved rank in the Hotelium Freedom Portfolio.

Hotelium Exchange

The latest innovation for the year 2024 is the Hotelium Exchange, where it will be possible to convert received USDT from any source into Available HTL. New trading pairs will be gradually added to the Exchange. To increase liquidity and, consequently, the stability of the HTL price, Loyalty rewards from December 30, 2023, will be paid in USDT. Members will have the opportunity to convert their USDT to HTL on the Hotelium Exchange immediately or at any time. Before the release of the next-generation packages, Available HTL on all tasks will be converted to USDT. The announcement will be in the back office, and members will decide whether to retain USDT or convert them to Available HTL. The conversion fee will be 1%.

In 2024, in addition to regular operations, we plan a significant upgrade to the Hotelium Travels program, which will substantially increase the attractiveness and value of the entire project. We will publish a special article on the progress of this program, with the goal of launching the program in its new form at the Winter Weekend Seminar.

We are ready for the next five years, how about you?

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