A Postcard from Dubai

We just returned from a great Arabian adventure, Hotelium’s VIP trip to Dubai. Five days passed too quickly, but we still managed to taste both the glitz and tradition of this desert metropolis. We climbed the tallest building in the world, visited the artificial Palm island, saw the famous seven-star hotel and splurged in the most luxurious shopping malls. At the same time, we enjoyed the bedouin camp, haggling at the spice market and swimming in the Persian Gulf. Good company, great ambience and delicious oriental food were of course included in the package by default. We also got an exclusive look into a new Hotelium product for 2023, which will be announced in November …

Our trips have become regular and we are all looking forward to the next gathering of this kind, which the management has already announced. Hint: Baščaršija! The conditions will be announced soon, but we want a large number of participants!

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