Hotelium Glamping Vision

More and more tourists want to experience something new, to move from classic hotel rooms to the embrace of nature, but still maintain comfort and practicality. Such desires are served by glamping, an increasingly popular form of accommodation in the natural environment. Glamorous camping, as the word glamping stands for, does not have an exact definition, it is only important that the urban environment and rectangular concrete structures are replaced by wood, grass and fresh air, while holidaymakers still receive top-notch service. 

Examples of glamping range from wooden cabins and comfortable tents to living in barrels, igloos and even treehouses, all equipped with proper beds, electricity and plumbing. Glamping, therefore, is a great all-weather option, giving it the edge over traditional tent camping. In addition to enjoying the sounds of nature, the starry sky and beautiful views, there are usually local culinary offerings included, as well as other activities in cooperation with nature. With an increasingly ecological and environmental awareness, this form of tourism is recording rapid growth.

The trend of creative natural pampering is also followed by Hotelium. As we have already hinted, we plan to expand our Diamond Club Zlatibor in the coming years with an additional piece of land on the edge of a pine forest. There we are going to develop a glamping settlement of eight to twelve wooden huts, together with a swimming pool and a conference centre. The emphasis is of course on contact with the environment, meaning only natural building materials and as much green as possible.

Zlatibor itself is a magnificent and unspoiled natural gem with green hillsides, magical forests, rippling streams and premium air quality. However, the area has many hotels and apartments, even camps, but not a single glamping site with authentic nature and modern comfort. Hotelium Diamond Club glamping will fill that space with attractive and relaxing wooden shelters for recharging batteries of body and soul. Our vision of an eco-friendly luxury resort will come to life in 2025.

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