Dear Esteemed Members of Hotelium Club!

Time flies, and once again, a year has come full circle. Our Hotelium project is now 6 years old. Take a few moments to read the article commemorating our fifth anniversary, as we will continue from there. Last year, we forecasted the advent of the first Diamonds, and it materialized. For 2024, we promised the first guests on the new glamping property in Zlatibor, and that too shall come to pass. The HTL token is just cents away from reaching a value of 5 USD, with the ultimate goal of 10 USD by 2028.

Lastly, we expressed a desire to plant the Diamond Club flag on the Adriatic coast… Expect sensational news on that front very soon. This year marks the initiation of Hotelium’s breakthrough onto the global stage due to our next real estate venture. 

At the June seminar, our new booking platform – Hotelium Travels – will be launched, and at the November seminar, the Merchant Cashback app – Hotelium Cashback Program – will follow suit. More details will be provided at the seminars themselves.

And now, in keeping with tradition, we’ve prepared a special promotion for our members on our anniversary:

We wish all members great success and extend my congratulations on the 6th birthday of our collective child, Hotelium Club. It no longer crawls or walks but runs. The best is yet to come!

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