Third anniversary of the HTL listing

“Tempus fugit” or time flies. These days, three years have passed since we put our own cryptocurrency up for public sale on the Latoken exchange! Do you remember that the starting price was $ 0.50? Today Hotelium is quoted at almost two dollars, which means a 300% increase in value. Despite the completely unpredictable covid situation, this is in line with our predictions, and the trend is sure to continue. With the purchase and opening of our new accommodation Diamond Club Zlatibor, Hotelium has become a utility token, a real means of payment, and the demand will only grow. Dividends will also have an impact on the rise in value. There were obstacles on the way, but our path is getting brighter! 

To celebrate this occasion we are running a week-long promotion from 18 till 24 December. Every activated or upgraded package will receive an extra 10% HTL Shares B! Don’t miss this early Christmas gift!

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